Trust and respect are at the heart of building business relationships. They are the glue that holds them together. At First Angel Network we are careful about selecting trusted business partners that share our vision and mission; providing entrepreneurs and angel investors alike with the best resources available to foster success.

Since its inception in 2005, The First Angel Network Association has placed its mark on the business community here in Atlantic Canada. Our strength comes from the support of our network of accredited investors throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond. We receive inquiries daily from entrepreneurs from around the region requesting information on business planning and financing opportunities.

As a partner of the First Angel Network, your organization will become part of the growing entrepreneurial spirit and investor community in Atlantic Canada. In supporting FAN’s networking and meeting events your business will have immediate access to new clients. Many of our partners have grown their business as a direct result of their partnership with the First Angel Network.


Presence & Recognition at each of the FAN Member Meetings
Partners will be granted attendance at each of our member meetings; FAN meetings include networking, investment presentation, dinner, and a Q & A period.

Recognition on all Regular FAN Advertising
FAN advertising connects you with an elite investor network and our pipeline companies. Regular FAN advertising includes the following mediums:
• Guest Packages
• Member Welcome Packages
• FAN Annual Report
• Quarterly Newsletter

Social Media Recognition & Target Posts
FAN currently has an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, in addition to a blog hosted on the FAN website.
• Reciprocal following on relevant forms of social media
• Re-tweeting of important partner information on a regular basis
• Posting of articles related to the partner’s business
o Platinum and Gold Partners: FAN will tweet targeted posts once per month
o Silver Partners: FAN will tweet targeted posts once per quarter
• FAN will complete a feature blog post on our Platinum partners once per year

Recognition and visibility on FAN website
Our website includes a host of valuable information for members and entrepreneurs seeking investment.
• Partner logo on homepage
• Detailed partner description on “FAN Partnership” page

Opportunity to submit pertinent articles for web posting
Partners can submit articles related to their business or regarding a special event. These articles will be posted on the FAN homepage and events calendar if appropriate.

Opportunity to submit information on FAN ProSeeder Platform
FAN has a software platform called ProSeeder that has a private section for member communications. Partners can submit information for posting on this section of the platform (for example, registration forms, program information, helpful documentation for due diligence).

“Right of First Refusal” to Partner with Special Events
FAN participates in special events within the angel/entrepreneurial community (notable examples include the annual NACO Summit and annual ACA Summit). Platinum and Gold Partners will have right of first refusal to partner with special events.

Panel Participation on Educational Programs
FAN hosts/co-hosts various educational seminars aimed at providing information for prospective angel investors and to entrepreneurs looking to raise capital. Partner representatives can appear on the guest panel at such events.

Business Category Exclusivity
Platinum Partners have the reserved privilege to be the only FAN partner within their respective industry.

Signage at Member Meetings
Meeting Partners have the opportunity to present their branded signage at our scheduled member meetings (typically 2-3 per quarter).

Corporate Promotional Material provided to Member Meeting Attendees
The opportunity to distribute brochures, pamphlets, or informational material will be granted at our scheduled member meetings.





NRC-IRAP views SMEs as the strategic backbone of the Canadian economy and is committed to working with them while they realize their full potential and turn knowledge and innovation into strategic opportunities, jobs and prosperity for all Canadians.
Recognized globally for research and innovation, NRC is a leader in the development of an innovative, knowledge-based economy for Canada through science and technology.

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

The ACOA Business Development Program
The ACOA Business Development Program is designed to help companies set up, expand or modernize. Focusing on small- and medium-sized enterprises, the program offers access to capital in the form of interest-free, unsecured, repayable contributions. Non-profit organizations providing support to the business community may also qualify.
ACOA Seed Capital Program provides loans to start, expand or improve a small business, as well as acquire business skills training. The program has a maximum of $20,000 available per applicant in the form of a repayable, unsecured personal loan with flexible interest and repayment terms. It also has a maximum of $2,000 available per applicant for specialized training and business counselling.