Member benefits

New to Angel Investing

FAN provides an opportunity for new angel investors to learn and mentor with other FAN members that are experienced and knowledgeable

Deal Flow

The higher number of deals you get to look at – the better chance of finding one you like.  FAN screens an average of 80 – 100 opportunities annually so we can select from the best.

Opportunity Review

The best-qualified, pre-screened opportunities Atlantic Canada has to offer are put through a disciplined review process. Company documents, market information and team are analyzed and a summarized due diligence package is provided to members, helping to streamline the investment process and make it easy and straightforward.

Increased Capital/Diversification

By gathering a large group of investors, FAN enables companies to raise larger amounts of capital at the angel round, while also allowing members to practice a portfolio strategy and diversify their investments.

Great Valuation and Deal Terms

By offering a significant pool of capital and connections via an efficient process and clean deal structure, FAN is able to negotiate more attractive terms and valuation on behalf of the members.


Events are for members and guests only, so you will have the opportunity to network and meet other like-minded people.


FAN is a member of the three organizations for angel groups in North America; the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) here in Canada; the Angel Capital Association (ACA) and the Angel Resource Institute in the U.S. FAN Members are able to access the services these organizations provide to their members including: reduced conference rates, workshops, articles, research and data on angel investing.

Reciprocal Membership with Wilmington Investor Network

First Angel Network is involved in a partnership with the Wilmington Investor Network (WIN) of North Carolina. FAN members may gain access to the WIN deal flow and regular investment opportunities, attend WIN investment meetings, and connect with WIN members for a friendly game of golf.

Online Portfolio Management

Members are provided with access to the FAN investment management platform for portfolio management purposes, deal document viewing, and member communications.

Family Membership Privileges

We are always looking ahead and considering succession of the network. FAN members are entitled to bring an adult family member to all investment meetings at no additional cost.