What is an angel investor?

An Angel investor is an Accredited Investor who privately invests their own money in a business, usually in exchange for ownership equity, debt or other terms. When you become a member of the First Angel Network Association, you will join a group of successful business people from around the region who are all Accredited Investors and have a wide range of backgrounds, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, and professionals. They apply this considerable experience to assist our portfolio companies with business strategy and implementation, team building and fund raising.

Members make individual investment decisions and meet together to review an opportunity and to share due diligence. Collectively, they are able to supply many seed and early stage companies with sufficient capital and expertise to launch their businesses or grow them to the next stage of development.

An Accredited Investor in Canada is an individual who, either alone or with a spouse, owns financial assets (not including principal residence) having an aggregate realizable value that before taxes, but net of any related liabilities, exceeds $1 million; or whose net income before taxes exceeded $200,000 in each of the two most recent calendar years; or whose net income before taxes combined with that of their spouse exceeded $300,000 in each of the two most recent calendar years; and who, in either case, reasonably expects to exceed that net income level in the current calendar year (see National Instrument 45-106).

  • Are you a high net worth individual looking to give back to the business community?
  • Do you enjoy meeting interesting entrepreneurial people?
  • Do you want to make a real change in the local economy?