Jill Green


Jill graduated from UNB with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1995.  She has had a wide variety of professional experience over the last couple of decades working in both the public and private sectors.  Through her career, Jill has had many opportunities in different areas including managing a Public Utility responsible for 23 communities, was a partner in a mid-sized engineering firm and owned her own consulting business.  Much of Jill’s experience was gained in the USA but in 2006, she returned to Atlantic Canada to start Green Imaging Technologies and commercialize technologies developed at the UNB MRI Research Centre.  Green Imaging Technologies (GIT) provides innovative software solutions to the oil and gas industry.  H2 Laboratories was recently spun out of GIT and their in-house lab provides access to some of the top MRI experts in the oil and gas sector.  GIT is an export driven company with clients spanning the globe.