Large Capital Source

The First Angel Network members have financial means and investment/business experience. Each member brings the ability and willingness to invest in promising companies, while understanding the inherent risk. By bringing these top local investors together, entrepreneurs are able to save time by going to one group to raise capital for either special situations or for the difficult funding gap between founders/friends/family start-up capital and venture capital.

Broad Pool of Knowledge & Contacts

Each member of the First Angel Network has extensive investment and/or operational business experience. This experience spans a number of industries. Many FAN members want to contribute their experience, and their contacts, in addition to their capital, when they decide to invest in a company. This resource helps entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their companies.

Efficient Process

FAN has established an efficient process for entrepreneurs to raise capital from a diverse group of investors. For presenting companies who attract interest FAN management becomes the entrepreneur’s main point of contact for the rest of the process, including company evaluation, negotiation of valuation and terms, organizing investor meetings and managing the closing process.

Capital Connections

FAN is continuing to expand its network of individual Angel investors. By co-investing with regional, early-stage VC funds, and incubators FAN helps entrepreneurs raise sufficient capital to launch their offering or expand their market. As the company achieves its milestones, FAN may provide introductions to later stage VC funds, corporate investors, and strategic partners to raise the next round of capital or attract an acquisition offer.