Application process

The goal of the First Angel Network Association is to identify and invest in, and help grow companies with extraordinary potential. We have established a process that helps select entrepreneurs present to, and potentially raise capital from, a group of Atlantic angel investors. This process is designed to enhance the benefits of working with angel investors efficiently.

We are looking for companies that meet most or all of the following criteria:

  • Headquartered in Atlantic Canada
  • Business opportunity in a superior product
  • High growth potential
  • Global prospects
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Quality management team
  • Previous investors
  • Existing customers and partners
  • Realistic and alternative exit strategies
  • Professional business practices


In order to receive consideration to present to the First Angel Network Association, your company must first review our Funding Process and fill out our Funding Application.

What is key to First Angel Network is the completeness of the information, not necessarily the quantity.  After applications are reviewed, we may contact you to request more information. This process may take a few weeks, so please be patient.

Only one company is selected to present at each First Angel Network Investment Meeting, and there is no guarantee of funding. Each individual Angel investor in the group makes their own investment decisions. It is therefore strongly recommended that you view this as only one possible avenue for investment and continue to pursue all other avenues until your financing goals are met. If you are chosen to present to the First Angel Network Association, we will work with you to ensure you have a solid presentation. If you are not chosen to present to the Network, we will provide you with the reasons and suggestions to make you investment ready. As well, your application will be kept confidential.