Funding Process Information

Please submit your executive summary of NO MORE THAN FIFTEEN PAGES (including
attachments, appendices and exhibits), which contains information on the subjects
identified below. Materials beyond the fifteen-page limit will not be reviewed or
considered. The list below is not intended to suggest any particular order of
information, but rather the entrepreneur should consider the arrangement best suited
for describing his/her company.


The Company
• History, including accomplishments to date
• Mission
• Product(s)/Services
• Description of product(s)/services
• Ownership
• Development stage
• Timing of, and process to, commercialization
• Unique attributes and opportunities

• Size and definition
• Industry trends
• Needs for product(s)/services
• Customers
• Sales/distribution plan
• Necessary partnerships and statue

• Comparative analysis, including key features and benefits
• Competitive advantage/market differentiators
• Barriers to entry for competitors and compant

• Experience of all senior management, including previous start-ups
• Previous experience working together
• Needs/key vacancies
• Board of Directors
• Advisors

• Founder’s investment
• Fully-diluted capitalization table (i.e., including options, warrants, and debt)
• Summary projected financials (one and three to five years)
• Funding needs for this round and subsequent rounds
• Exit strategy and timing
• Business milestones for next six months and next two years