Press Release: First Angel Network Invests in PhotoDynamic Inc.

Providing Orthodontists with a Tool to Eliminate Oral Bacteria and Ensure Clinically Perfect Outcomes

July 7, 2016 – HALIFAX, NS – The First Angel Network Association (FAN) of Atlantic Canada is pleased to announce an investment in Halifax-based PhotoDynamic Inc. (PDI), to help commercialize its unique natural health product for the oral health market.

Press Release: Angel Networks Invest in Metamaterial Technologies Inc.

For Immediate Release

Angel Networks Invest in Metamaterial Technologies Inc.

Accelerating Expansion of Aircraft Windscreen Protection Technology

February 23, 2016 -- HALIFAX, NS – Today, the First Angel Network (FAN) of Atlantic Canada and the Wilmington Investor Network (WIN) of North Carolina are pleased to announce they are investing in Metamaterial Technologies Inc. (MTI) to help bring its thin-film nanotechnology products to market.